WAX bar

Wax est votre bar à vinyles décontracté pour un afterwork ou pour une soirée arrosée le weekend. Un bar avec une carte de tapas, de délicieux petits plats et des cocktails colorés, frais et généreux comme on les aime. Mais Wax ne s’arrête pas là.


25 508 109

Complexe Trinidad - Gammarth (15,85 km) 2080 Gammarth



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Le bar à vinyles invite aussi différents artistes à jouer et se joindre à cet espace qui prône la diversité du son et les musiques du monde.
Wax is anything but your average casual bar for quick shots after work. It's a Tunis-based private record club and is actually the first of its kind. Located in Gammarth, Wax will be your friendly top choice of an evening out with friends throughout or by the end of the week.
Along with the extensive menu of delicious food and satisfying drinks, you will most likely swoon over the modest yet growing record collection the bar owns, that were finely bought from different parts of the world. The fun part is, people can drop by and exchange their vinyl records with some from the club's collection, share with us their exquisite musical taste and on top of all, they get to drop the needle on their fav' song while absorbing the cosiness of the indoors, or while enjoying a tasty bite on the covered terrace.
In fact, the fun part is extended to allow the club to host late parties (until 4 am) and invite guest artists to join the eclectic ride.

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